An archive of the blog by the policeman writer formerly known as Nightjack.

Details here.

Forgive any broken links/missing pictures,  the whole blog is recovered from cache.  Will polish it up asap.


3 Responses to About

  1. Richard Weissenberg says:

    Thanks for putting this back on the ‘web. I missed it first time around. NJ is articulate, decent, pragmatic. His blog has raised my levels of respect for the police, and given me a better understanding of what they do under very trying circumstances. I really don’t understand why his senior officers could have seen it as a reason to terminate his career.

    If you know the bloke personally, please pass on my thanks and best wishes. When his book comes out, I’ll recommend it to everybody I know.

  2. […] case is based on the attempts of the Times Newspaper to reveal the identity of the writer of the “Night Jack” blog – who was a policeman writing critically about the British Government especially in relation to […]

  3. Allan Lees says:

    Great that this is up on the web again – being out of the UK over the last 22 years I missed it first time around. NJ depicts all too clearly the dead-end world I left behind. No doubt it was truth-telling that got him into trouble with his superiors. Things seem to have grown far worse than “back in my day” and they were pretty dire then. Can’t understand why NJ and his colleagues haven’t given in to despair a long time ago, and many kudos and respect to them that they continue to follow their profession.

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