Troll calls for me to resign again

BluffandBlusterBuster |

Listen to the last post NJ.

You keep talking of principles a LOT.

Why not display some?

Do the honest thing, the principled thing, and quit?

From Now I Know, 2008/12/01 at 8:51 AM

Troll at Gadget Again. I think it may be personal. Reply in 15 minutes. Blimey.

  1. GFB

    Nightjack -it’s not as simple as you trying to emulate Will Self at his most self-indulgent and writing a lament in a writing style that seems to be a melange of all of the worst elements of some mid-80’s social science degree course and regurgitated themes from the books of William Gibson

    The real rot set in when a MOP can be capriciously arrested by some wooden top for no substantial reason and then have his equally worthy mates pull a section 18 and search through his house without a warrant.

    An Englishman’s home is his castle?

    New Thought Crimes that serve no other purpose than affording easy detections for, denial of right to trial by Jury….

    All insidious infringements, all far worse than some overpaid ponses in Parliament using you lot as cats’ paws in their in political turf-wars

  2. GFB,

    Well that’s me told. There are worse things than an incompetent Gibson / Self pastiche and you have righteous indignation on your side.

    Thought crimes and capricious arrests? Searches authorised without judicial oversight? You’re right. The historical rights and safeties of citizens are being eroded. That’s a whole other debate about the role of the Police in society, impact of PACE, NCRS, RIPA, data matching, surveillance and revisions to the Public Order Act.

    However, an independent parliament that is not cowed into submission by an over-weaning executive is meant to be one of our bulwarks against an oppressive state.

  3. Good G*d in Heaven!

    How long is it going to be before you start paraphrasing Thomas Carlyle and mixing him in with Heinlein. (Again)

    Well how about this for a wild and crazy idea, Cromwell, stop whinging in cyberspace about being a “Vichy Cop” and actually do something about it in the real world?

    A man of your sagacity and resource should be able to think of something, no?

    Something more substantial than thinking up new epithets for yourself

Then Troll comes looking here




So now, someone who has probably read a bit of James Clavell in the ’80’s, thinks that portentous quotes form Orwell make old NJ “heroic.”

Is there any anyone posting on this damn blog who does not have their heads firmly placed where the sun doesn’t shine?

Anyone who is in the least able to try to affect change in the real world.?

Someone who can do more than compose epithets and plagiarise?

Same Troll was much less wordy over at political police whilst pretending to be MCM.

Metcountymounty Says:

October 15, 2008 at 12:28 am

You faggot!!!!

pcsouthwest Says:

October 15, 2008 at 12:10 pm

In case anyone wants to know the last comment was clearly not made by Metcountymounty, so here is the ip address and info of the person that did.


Pete |

Hey Metcounty – when we worked Marble Arch together you used to say that if any Twat of the general public complained about you that you’d call him a Twat to his face.

WTF happened after that last time?

BTW: How’s Steve? Does he still make you those beautiful chicken dinners when you get home at nights?


23 nighjackie on October 22, 2008 at 8:48 pm

Then you are a hypocrite – who should do the honest thing.And quit.


James and Metcountymounty |

Hiya faggot!

When the OSPRE exams fall to 45 % pass mark then you’ll be truly endorsed…

.. after all what you don’t know dos indeed outweigh what you do know.

You Graduate Failure Pouffe

(Reads Michael Moorcock…just can’t spell it. Halfwit…melnibone)

GENERIC TROLL (Even Trolling on Holiday in Florida and Chicago)


… and I have beaten you. And you know it. (NJ – Mwahahahahahahaha)

From Can’t Get There From Here, 2008/07/31 at 7:48 PM


’nuff said. Your refusal to enage in reasoned debate only re-enforces the point that an essentially insecure Rockcliffe’s Baby, educated beyond his intelligence, is basically little different from the hypocritcal oaf woodentops that he lords it over. You are the sad end to a once proud tradition, “Detective”

From Can’t Get There From Here, 2008/07/31 at 7:47 PM

You lot are a lot of hypocrites |

“…I strongly suspect that you will never find the motives of police bloggers meet your standards of purity and you are looking for an argument and to throw around some abuse rather than a debate.

Lets see if I’m right …”

– and so, Man of Principle, your response to the simple observation that the only thing that gets coppers out on the streets to rally forth en masse, is not their collective conscience objecting to target-driven sanctioned detections and the system but their own narrow self-interest about pay packets….. is to brush it under the carpet?

“..I come from a standpoint of policing by consent and a belief that keeping the peace and investigating crime is a worthwhile thing for me to do. Your writing seems to be as good an example as I have seen of a growing fracture between policing and the policed…”

Apart from the poor figure of speech ( “divide” is far better than the rather pretentious “fracture” in this context in conveying your meaning, you graduate fast-tracker you) – the basic point you are missing ( and God knows you bleat on endlessly about it) is that you do NOT police by consent. Rather you can only police those who consent to be policed. There is a difference.

The real crims piss in your faces on a daily basis. So, if you cannot catch the criminals, you criminalise those you can catch … and you wonder why you lot are, by and large, held in such contempt?

You lot – and you NJ are a prime example – are demonstrably hypocrites. Spending hours thinking up epithets and aphorisms to post on your puerile little blog doesn’t change it either… but there again I suspect that you realise this and don’t much care, or only in as much as you can get the guy from Monday books involved, eh?

From Can’t Get There From Here, 2008/07/31 at 12:03 PM

You lot are a lot of hypocrites : |

Nightjack – either you are being deliberately obtuse or that super-sharp, graduate mind of yours is missing the point completely.

I never said it was about pay: I just gave the Blue Flue (Flu) as an example of when people are suffiicently (sufficiently) motivated, they can find solutions to most things.

… the fact that so many police over here turned out to rally over their own pay the other month, striding through London in those white baseball caps, looking for all the world like tens of thousands of spermatozoa, proves that you lot too can act en masse when it suits you.

Will we ever see a similar rally over the the issues of target culture sanctioned detections that you lot are so verbal about in the pages of these blogs? I doubt it. .. Don’t you.?

So, in other words, complaininging (complaining) and hand-wring in cyberspace assuages your consciences but when it comes right down to it, there is no mass will to actually do *anything* about it. lot just don’t care *that* much.

You Keep milking the system, taking the money. After all most PC’s did not come into this job as a first choice of career. Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy are such dominant features in the Psyche of Plod.

From Can’t Get There From Here, 2008/07/30 at 10:11 PM

You lot are a lot of hypocrites: |

… and not one damned single attempt at any kind of robust risposte (riposte) form (from) the massed ranks of the public purse parasites that call themselves serving police officers.

Not even from the usual opinionated, parochial apologists.

Kind of speaks volumes by itself.

Hibbo you are spot on in your psychological profiling of the average Plod

Binarysurfer – your answer is the that of a coward. .. there are ways. If you’re sincere, that is. Anyone familar with how the Irish Garda got their way in their pay negotiations, for example?

From Can’t Get There From Here, 2008/07/30 at 5:44 PM

You lot are a lot of hypocrites: |

Nightjack – I’ve seldom read such a whining, bleating, rationalisation diatribe in all my life.

The lot of you, MCM and PC Bloggs and all the rest, you are just as bad. If you really feel that badly about the situation – then don’t be collaborators.

Show some guts and integrity.

Or do the honest thing and quit.

From Can’t Get There From Here, 2008/07/29 at 6:41 PM

DaveH : |

hey, graduate fast track “Detective” … got anything useful to say?

From A Survival Guide For Decent Folk, 2008/07/25 at 6:31 AM


Kate: |

gosh nightjack – you don’t like any criticism – which sums up police attitudes….

From A Modest Proposal, 2008/07/20 at 9:11 PM

Kate: |

Oh Nightjack – you disappoint me…. bless

From Darkness At The Edge of Town, 2008/06/20 at 9:40 PM

Kate: |

I HAVE BEEN BARRED – LOL this means I have struck a nasty nasty chord….

From Darkness At The Edge of Town, 2008/06/20 at 9:39 PM

Kate |

Shallow thinking NJ – but then your incestuous little group of narrow-minded whingers would agree with you, wouldn’t they? But my posts will be ignored by you and your “chums” who seem to know everything about nothing. But then the Evil Poor are born that way aye? And all you well-heeled “respectable folks” were born that way too. Gawd bless genetics – as Adolf would have said if he hadn’t topped himself. Stealing, robbing, trashing, wasting tax-payers money,needles, rubbish, beer cans – well there is no reason for this DREADFULLY AWFUL and INEXPLICABLE behaviour so let’s gas em. I mean to say – how can we cope with these people? We could arm ourselves and shoot them, we could nuke them, we could lock them all up and throw away the keys – we could sterilise them forcibly, we could publically humiliate them or even organise public floggings and hangings. Then of course there’s the diffilcult option……

From Darkness At The Edge of Town, 2008/06/18 at 10:06 PM

Kate: |

Crikey Nightjack – and I thought I was jaded and cynical – what happened to you? Never mind – it’s obvious.

From Anglican Jihad, 2008/06/03 at 10:17 PM

Kate: |

24 FED UP and it shows.As it happens I am not a lefty tosh-writing academic social working, rice eating, sandal wearing woolly liberal — you have just stereo-typed me- as you probably do every day in your job. You do not know who I am – you do not know my gender, job , salary or rate of benefit – you do not know if I live in a council house or in a leafy suburb of Sidcup.I may be black white brown or yellow. You make my point for me more graphically than I can do eloquently. You are, basically, thick (no offence). Frustrated by the constraints of paper-work and bad management and everyone unable to make any sort of decision about anything – this society has turned on its youth. I am FED UP 24 with adults, especially OAPs (old age pensioners) whinging on and on about youngsters. These teenagers have parents, the parents have parents – the parents of those parents had parents – try and think a little laterally folks – you don’t have to have a uniform or a knife or a taser to use your brain – the brain is the best weapon we humans have – what a shame we cannot be arsed to develop it a bit more. Do you want public hangings? Do you want public floggings? The guillotine – gas chambers – how exactly do you want to punish teenagers who steal your plasma TV? And NJ – I think I can safely say I represent public perception (perhaps wholly irrational) of the Police in general, and that’s very sad. Some Bloke 30 was it the likes of your sons that brutally and cynically murdered Stephen Lawrence – and why? Because of your influence as a parent. Take a tip – buy yourself a suitcase and travel the world – get a planetary education x Or renew your subscription to the BNP.

From Outside The Comfort Zone, 2008/05/28 at 10:57 PM

Kate: |

Do set me straight nightjack , I am struggling with all this.Who is fit to judge or punish? It seems to me that a jury sit and listen to evidence sometimes blinded by medical science (look at the case of the Child Minder recently convicted of shaking a baby to death) and then are “persuaded” by a judge to convict, apparently against their better judgement. 3 jurors spoke out in public and said they were worried about what had happened in court in that particular case. I question the standard of judges – who the hell are they and where do they come from? I knew a JP who regularly beat his wife and then sat and pronounced judgement on women who had been dumped by their men and having been let down by the CSA hadn’t paid their television licence for gawdsake… where the hell did he come from? I do not stereotype the police or any other persons belonging to various state run institutions but I seriously question the motives and, more pertinently, the agendas of some of these people. Money, power and religion spring to mind for starters. See, call me old-fashioned but I prefer ethics, integrity, fair-mindedness, truth and a little understanding as motives and agendas But then I get called a sandal wearing liberal, flakey, a troll and a mug. S I G H. How stereotypical is that? David @ 4 – you cannot be serious! Sally Clarke convicted and imprisoned for double infanticide and she deserved it cos she had a smoke in front of her kids? Where’s me Benson and Hedges? I am having a fag in front of my cat – call the RSPCA. x

Kate: |

I worry about your state of mind Nightjack. Your syntax and prose are fairly good but your attitude is jaundiced. What you seem to be saying is that – there are two shades in life – black and white. Sorry about the grey then aye? No compassion or understanding, no latitude, no empathy – just nasty people who need a smack round the gob, and we all have to adhere to your particular values which I find uncompromising and a little sadistic. Nothing will change unless we all change, not drastically, but by listening very, very carefully, and getting out of the protective bubble of our (not mine I hasten to add) comfortable little selfish lives and at least admitting that we are all human beings in the end and some of us are a bit “thick. Nowt wrong with thick and I have seen more morality in some “sink” estates than down the nick -and I have been in many a nick in my time. I do not have a lot of time for the legal profession but who speaks up for the innocent if they are fitted up to meet targets? Who speaks up for the “easy meat” people who are not articulate and cannot put their point of view lucidly? What’s fair and not fair? Who sticks up for what’s not fair? You? No. The likes of me – and as for the indignant and sometimes licentious comments in response to your blogs -if they really, really care then let them stand for parliament and change things – but I doubt they have the testicular fortitude to do that – I did. x

From Crocodile Crying, 2008/05/08 at 9:29 PM

Kate: |

My point is, without blinding you with verbosity, that there are the evil poor, the evil rich, the evil middle class, the evil whatever. You are prejudiced and it shows. Most people DO get the society they deserve and can’t deal with it. You are dodging the debate – only one o in losing by the way and to be perfectly honest I have never heard of Prefabricated Brussels. ( You must be on very strange shifts) – I am bored now . x

From The Evil Poor, 2008/04/29 at 9:05 PM

Kate: |

BNP anyone?

From Close To Home, 2008/04/29 at 8:48 PM

Kate: |

ewww. I like the terms of this debate – but do you? Bit close to the old middle class elderly knuckle for you? You don’t have to kick anyone to death to destroy lives – and kindly do not teach your grandmother to suck eggs. With regard to “respect” – you are obviously from an era where it was dragged out of the great unwashed by fear – now you gotta EARN it – difficult huh? You have to take the time to listen and not be POMPOUS cos it don’t work with us chavs and pondlife – and the internet is for all – it is a really great leveller – and you don’t like that do you? P.S. – Hope Mrs Knight kept her job. x And Prefab Sprout are rubbish – no offence

From The Evil Poor, 2008/04/29 at 8:16 PM


36 Responses to Trolls

  1. Hibbo says:

    Why aren’t I on there? 😦

    Must try harder… 😉

  2. nightjack says:

    There is a world of difference between trolling and having fun 😉 NJ

  3. Kate says:

    arsoles nightjack. xxx Bless….

  4. Kate says:

    Good Evening and Welcome Troll – land. Oh never mind. See you in a few weeks – blog amongst yerselves….

  5. matt says:

    Hi Kate , its matt here. Just writing to say that you are probably the worst person in the entire world. So much of what you write is hilariously unrealistic , written as if there is a utopic world next door. The old ” i know a judge , copper , teacher (insert anyone in any position of responsibility) who beat , robbed or raped” as a catchall to say why “the system is fucked” , just crys of someone who hates the fact that they are not in charge. I’ll tell you a little secret , from the moment we came down from the trees to the moment the earth spins off it axis into a giant black whole , people will do bad things. Authority will be abused. What you have to decide is whether it is better to have no systems at all ( like say afghanistan or nottingham) or a reasonably effective one like we have now. “Who is fit to judge or punish?” you write. Well you have two choices. Either you say someone is or no one is. If you say no one is and that you will not except the authority of anyone because your ‘mate said that he once heard of a copper speeding or something’ , then go and live somewhere where no one has any authority over you, like afghanistan. You cant sit in the middle of the western world surrounded by a powerful state saying you hate authority when everything you own , do or think is protected by the will of others ie authority. You are the fat kid eating a big mac who complains about fast food taking over the world. You are the enviromentalist on a short haul flight. You are ugly girl who hates pretty girls because she always wanted to be one. You are , a fucking dick. Kiss my ass. Why dont you get nightjack to delete my post because it made you cry? (thats authority for you)


  6. matt says:

    Some awfull spellings there kate , apologies , but you get the drift, cock.

  7. Matt, a most excellent literary pint glass in the face…

  8. MrAngryman says:

    what a post matt a literary equivalent of a punch in the throat

  9. Vicola says:

    I absolutely love the fact that you have put the trolls together in an easy-to-find format so people can quickly find them to have a good laugh. I was particularly amused to find that Generic Troll doesn’t even have the spuds to leave his name, I mean Kate might write quite a lot of crap but at least she’s got the cajones to put her name to it.

    Matt – very well put, I like your style!

  10. Carter Magna says:

    I dream of the day when my blog attracts trolls! If you’re upsetting someone you must be doing something right, eh?

  11. Kate says:

    Matt – I have quoted you on my bus pass – should make the driver sit up and take notice effing dick and kiss my ass. Eloquent and charming. Bless. 😉

  12. nightjack says:

    Matt does all that work and waits months for a reply and that’s it?

  13. Kate, do a google search for “troll pathetic anticlimax” and you’ll see your link there!!

  14. Hibbo says:

    Just trying out some HTML.

  15. Hibbo says:

    Hmmmm, getting there…..

  16. Hibbo says:

    Wow! My posts will never be the same again!

    Keep up the good work NJ 🙂

  17. I found this one doing the rounds:
    Pete |

    Hey Metcounty – when we worked Marble Arch together you used to say that if any Twat of the general public complained about you that you’d call him a Twat to his face.

    WTF happened after that last time?

    BTW: How’s Steve? Does he still make you those beautiful chicken dinners when you get home at nights?

    From Sweet and sour…, 2008/11/28 at 1:37 AM

    This troll appears to be doing the rounds posting at MCM as per this link to Pc Southwest:

  18. Kate says:

    I got thrown off the No.28 thanks to Matt.

  19. nightjack says:

    Thanks Kate.
    Moderation withdrawn.

  20. damomackerel says:

    Nightjack, why are you even displaying these troll’s posts? By doing that you’re giving their posts some credence? Mind you I find some of the posts at bit funny because they’re so idiotic?

  21. Kate says:

    damomackerel – what a strange name – but no matter -you must have your own private reasons for that name – all persons, trolls or not have a point of view – it’s called Democracy Light – Nightjack censors it cos of minor paranoia (bless) and has worked so hard to put this very interesting site together and I am impressed. And believe me, it takes quite a lot to impress me.xx EMBRACE TROLLS – at least they can spell…

  22. damomackerel says:

    Kate, hugs and kisses love.

  23. Kate says:

    damomackerel at 23 – appreciate the patronisation….. pal.

  24. damomackerel says:

    Kate, you’re welcome…. love.

  25. damomackerel says:

    BTW Kate, any chance of giving me your vote? Hugs and kisses all round, well for you anyway Kate.

  26. matt says:

    Kate , hows it going? I hear i got you ejected off a bus thanks to me, i’m very pleased to hear that. We can’t have kids using swear words in public that they learnt off the bigger boys on the internet can we? Think what your mother would say. Anyway using my ameteur detective skills I have decided that you were banned from driving about six months ago and now have to use buses, and hate the police/courts because of this. Either that or you were rejected from the police and/or once fell in love with a police officer who didnt love you. I’m not sure which one it is. Keep talking and i’ll narrow it down. Have a nice christmas my dear , chin up, you will loose the weight in the new year.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. matt says:

    ” i hear i got you ejected off a bus” should be ” i hear you got ejected off a bus”. Disgrace , no excuses.

  28. Kate says:

    Oh Matt @28 – what a perfectly vivid imagination you have! And how very, very, badly it lets you down. One loses weight not looses it (spelling dear boy, spelling) I am 8st 12 and I do admit to having had a bit of a whirl with a roz some years ago – traffic incidentally – he taught me to drive and did nice handbrake turns. See you on the ice. x

  29. Kate says:

    Anyone for Trolling? Guts anyone? I don’t think so – <<< highly disappointed

  30. Damo Mackerel says:

    Hi Kate love, are you lonely? Would you like a semi-drunken Irish man to cosy up to you tonight? I’ll wear my Munster rugby top too, surely that will warm the cockles of your heart?

  31. Kate says:

    Damo – wos Lonely? Cockles is summat you find onda beach – but bless you for tryin…..x My son died a few weeks ago – that’s lonely. Really lonely.

  32. citizenKHAN says:

    there is a natural integrity to your writing- a sincerity- that is categorically lacking in associated ‘fiction’. whether or not people agree with your opinions to me, is besides the point. you obviously have a unique perspective upon society ‘from within’, and priviliged as we are by this modern age, you can share your insights and experience at the end of the day not just with your dog and your pipe (for surely you have a dog and a pipe), but with everybody.

    cheers for doing so.

  33. Max A says:

    Kate, Wonderful comments and idea’s about our “Police State”….. But I will have to agree with Matt.

    Your views on the matters discussed are out of this world.
    Happiness and free love for all….. what a bunch of hippie crap.

    I hope you were the woman who took the “back hander” off that nice Met officer’s hand at last weeks G20 summit. Maybe you should look her up?!?! Daft women should stick together…. Maybe just maybe one day you will meet Matt, who will finish the job off by cracking you with his police baton!

    Matt, your comments have made my day.
    This smile will last all weekend.

    Much respect for the police who have to deal with “broken Britain” every single day and for what?!?!?! The justice system to fail and free them 20 hours later!
    (on a side not that respect is NOT for traffic police) (( WANKERS))

  34. Allan Lees says:

    Regarding the blog entry A Modest Proposal, I can’t help but agree one hundred percent. I’m a highly educated (Oxbridge, multiple postgrad degrees) middle class type, the sort of law abiding chap who can easily be stereotyped. Except… One evening I’m heading home after a very long (20 hour) day when two naughty types decide it would be amusing to entertain themselves by giving me a good kicking. Curiously enough I didn’t stop to consider their difficult childhoods, their social deprivation, or any other mitigating factor as they both came at me with hate and violence in their faces. As I’d had my own “difficulties in life” and had acquired some specialist skills in consequence, I elected instead to persuade these naughty chaps that they were mistaken in their desire to have some fun. For some reason (no doubt a lamentable lack of social conscience) I failed to “apply reasonable force” through magically knowing precisely how much force they intended to apply to me. Likewise I didn’t stop to ask them if they had weapons or friends nearby, so as more properly to judge my permissible self-defence. In consequence of these failures, the two naughty lads ended up much the worse for wear. Had there been CCTV cameras back in those days, doubtless I would have been prosecuted for assault and the two lads would have had a good laugh in court. As it was, I left the scene asap – shamefully neglecting to check the condition of the two scalliwags before I went. As neither were conscious and both had sustained fractures (perhaps as a result of them unfortunately slipping on the treacherous pavement surface?) I felt it was a case of “job done” and time to go. I simply can’t imagine how one might try to deal with a similar situation knowing that every action would later be examined in microscopic detail in court by people who have zero concept of real physical violence. Even a moment’s hesitation on my part, or a decision to employ less effective techniques, could have resulted in a very different outcome. This isn’t to condone Police violence when it’s not warranted, but it is a plea for a slightly more real-world approach to post-event analysis and judicial review.

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